As Deep Purple continues their symphonic trek across the country, guitarist Steve Morse is speaking up about the group’s over-sized touring caravan. While Deep Purple usually tours as a five-piece, this time around, they’re taking along 41 more musicians.

"That's a lot of empty [instrument] cases in the dressing room," Morse told, laughing.

The heavy rock band kicked off the tour last week, and while their set is complemented by string and horn sections, Morse assured fans Deep Purple's classics are still heavy and rockin’.

“This one isn't going to be orchestra-based so much as, it's the rock band Deep Purple playing, with strings and horns being added for some color textures,” he said.

“We're not going to change the songs — I mean, there will be a few little cameos and features — but the basic idea of the show is: We're doing what we do, and having more texture where it's appropriate.”

Morse added that a conductor will tour with the group, and regional musicians will play shows in various cities, which will help local music communities.

"There are a few shows where they're going to travel a bit, but mostly, it's going to be local," Morse says.

Does he have any concerns about how the two musical worlds will meld? "Most important is keeping them on the beat with the music. A lot of classical players can read music great and everything, but the whole rhythm thing — maybe they don't feel how exact it needs to be to make rock 'n' roll rock."

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