Deep Purple's landmark debut album 'Shades of Deep Purple' is one of three albums from the veteran British hard rock group that will be re-released on July 26.

As the liner notes for the reissues note, by the time the band finally achieved success in the United Kingdom with their fourth album 'Deep Purple in Rock,' many of their U.K. fans were unaware that the band had actually cut three albums prior to releasing that one.

In the United States, 'Deep Purple in Rock' sold modestly, but it was a different picture of sales for their overall catalog, as the first three albums had sold well, establishing the group as a dominant presence in America as they struggled to make their mark overseas.

It is those first three albums, 'Shades of Deep Purple,' 'The Book of Taliesyn' and 'Deep Purple' that are being re-released by Eagle Rock Entertainment, each loaded with a selection of bonus tracks including alternate versions, studio outtakes, instrumentals and live tracks.

In particular, the 'Shades' reissue features several studio bonuses, including the previously unreleased album outtake 'Shadows' and two stormin' live tracks, with their take on 'Hey Joe,' recorded for the BBC and also a live version of 'Hush,' recorded for U.S. television.

All three reissues land in stores on July 26 and are a nice complement to Eagle Rock's earlier issue, the 'Phoenix Rising' DVD/Blu-ray release, which compiles new documentary footage and previously unreleased live material from the band's MK III lineup with David Coverdale.

The current lineup of Deep Purple is on tour, performing with a symphony, although Steve Morse says that it isn't "orchestra based." Check out the latest list of tour dates here.

Deep Purple Performs 'Hush'

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