David Crosby's opinion of Kanye West hasn't improved since he labeled the Grammy-winning producer and rapper "an idiot and a poser" earlier this year.

Crosby, who's built a reputation for being one of the more accessible classic rockers on Twitter, couldn't resist taking the bait when a follower asked him how he felt about West's recent assertion that he's the "greatest living rock star on the planet." Reiterating his earlier assertion that West "can't write, sing or play," Crosby doubled down on his disdain, calling him an "egomaniac" who's "dumb as a post," "creates nothing" and "helps no one."

That naturally kicked off an active stream of responses, at least one of which argued that there's really no need for public figures to take shots at each other this way. "Not picking a fight," shrugged Crosby. "Just call 'em like I see 'em."

West's blatant egomania has obviously made him a target for this kind of thing, and Crosby's willingness to "call 'em like he sees 'em" will doubtless be cheered by many readers, but it's well worth noting that Crosby spent years under heavy public scrutiny for his own "dumb as a post" behavior — including an embarrassing string of arrests between 1982 and 1985, all for various drug or weapons-related offenses, and at one point turning fugitive and planning to elude authorities on his boat.

All of which is not to say that a guy isn't asking for a certain amount of backlash when he publicly holds himself up as the greatest anything — just that none of us is perfect, and we'd all do well to add a few grains of salt to any statements made by someone who cheerfully admits to having been "stoned out of my gourd" for much of his career.

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