Dave Grohl describes the Foo Fighters' upcoming Studio 666 as a “movie movie,” adding that the band was amazed when they first saw the trailer.

Inspired by the experience of recording their latest album Medicine at Midnight in a Los Angeles mansion that is reputed to be haunted, Studio 666 follows a group of musicians who fall victim to supernatural forces. The exact details are fuzzy, however, since Grohl refuses to detail the plot.

“The singer went nuts and murdered his whole band over creative differences,” Grohl said in a new interview with Mojo. “There's no other band stupid enough to do this. It's absolutely insane. … A couple of scenes, they're so fucking epic, dude. Just when you think we couldn't come up with anything more ridiculous. … It really, really will blow your mind.”

The outlook wasn't always so rosy. Grohl admits the Foo Fighters struggled to rediscover momentum after the pandemic forced the production to shut down.

“We had filmed most of the movie. All we had to film was basically the few ending scenes. Then months and months went by,” he said. “We would have meetings to talk about how we could possibly finish this movie with all the new restrictions and compliance. ‘How are we going to fucking pull this off?’

“So we came up with a plan,” Grohl added, “and those six days of shooting turning into about three weeks, because of all the new regulations that really slow things down. We were one of the first productions in Los Angeles back after the COVID thing. We did it safely and we actually pulled it off.”

This final push came after the first trailer had been assembled, Grohl said. “We watched that trailer and we were like, ‘Holy fucking shit!’ I mean, honestly, talk about far beyond anyone's expectations,” he said. “It's a movie movie. We all were just like, 'Oh my God, let's finish this!’”

Studio 666 is scheduled to premiere on Feb. 25 and tickets are on sale now.

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