Prog-rock veterans Crack the Sky previewed their upcoming 18th studio album, Tribes, with the dark new song "Dear Leaders."

Throughout the track, singer John Palumbo reflects on a troubling world. "Dear leaders, are you listening? / Dear leaders are you watching this?" he sings over droning, metallic guitars and swirling electronics. "Dear leaders, there's something wrong with you / Dear leaders, can't see what's in front of you."

You can hear the song, premiering exclusively with UCR, below.

Tribes, available to pre-order, is out tomorrow via Carry On Music. The 13-track album started to cohere soon after the group's previous album of original material, 2018's Living in Reverse.

“When I’m creating and writing, it just spills out,” Palumbo said in a statement. “And because I’m bombarded with all this information like we all are, there’s really no way around it for me. I try to write something every day, so it’s automatic. … What happens is, my head is so filled up with all that’s going on, and it just comes out. I suppose I’m even more introspective now, so I’m wondering, 'How are we going to get beyond this?' That’s the trick. I don’t know what’s gonna happen — well, no one does.”

The album title, named after a song on the record, examines the divisiveness of modern politics. “I want every listener to get something out of each song," Palumbo said. "I’m saying, ‘Here it is. This is what’s happening.’ I don’t know if what I’ve written will ever bring people together or not, but my intention is to never alienate anybody.”


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