What do Kiss and coffee have in common? Both inspire a certain amount of devotion, and it's that dedication the creators behind Costa Coffee's latest commercial are using in tying in the Kiss song 'I Was Made for Loving You' to sell their brand.

The track, from Kiss' 1979 album 'Dynasty,' reached No. 11 on the U.S. Singles Chart, but topped song charts in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Netherlands and New Zealand. The song was co-written by Paul Stanley, noted songwriter Desmond Child and producer Vini Poncia as an effort to show how easy it was to write a disco song.

Child would later state that it was a groundbreaking move for a rock band to bring in an outside songwriter. He said, "That opened the door to a career in songwriting that had not existed before. Bands usually co-wrote amongst themselves, and it was usually the lead singer and the lead guitar player. And then perhaps they'd allow a producer to jump in and work with them on a song that may get that producer a songwriting credit. But bringing in an outside professional songwriter was not something that bands thought was credible or the cool thing to do, because they were afraid of the perception that they couldn't write their own songs. Somehow the producer jumping in was permissible, but not an outside songwriter. So when I did that with Kiss, it opened the door for other bands to try it."

As for the commercial, the directors repurposed the song's lyrical content away from a romantic relationship to one of coffee devotion in the mind of a coffee shop barista. In the clip, the coffee server stars in a choreographed routine while he and other people covered entirely in Costa Coffee's coffee beans, with the exception of their heads, before the outside world brings him back to present day.

Watch Costa Coffee's Commercial Featuring Kiss' 'I Was Made for Loving You'