Few types of music memorabilia have enjoyed a prolonged renaissance quite like concert posters. Once relegated to light poles and store shop fronts, these impressive pieces of art have come to be admired by generations of rock fans the world over.

Though early incarnations were little more than advertisements proclaiming the next act coming to town, poster art exploded in the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s, with bands creating distinctive images for virtually every tour stop on their schedule.

It’s no surprise then that these collectibles are still prized possessions decades after they were created. And leading the charge is the New York based company Collectionzz.

Co-founded in 2015 by mega music fan Ian Linde, Collectionzz began as a platform for memorabilia collectors to share their treasures with like-minded individuals. What started as a group of friends showcasing stage used guitars, rare vinyl records and concert posters turned into a global community of thousands. “It’s really amazing to see the response, we have people from all corners of the world sharing their music memorabilia collections” says Linde. “There’s 50,000 different items displayed and shared by members of our community.”

Indeed, even as vintage posters have continued to be sought after collectibles, new artwork inspired by historical concerts have seen a sharp rise in popularity due to Collectionzz’s efforts.

To that end, Collectionzz launched their official merchandise line, Iconic, in 2019, focusing on limited edition art commemorating the biggest moments in music history. “As passionate collectors ourselves, we know what motivates fans and collectors to say ‘that’s amazing,’” explains Linde, “because we won’t release anything unless we feel it's something we would need on our walls.”

To accomplish this, the company works with a network of the best artists from a variety of different illustration genres to create unique, never-before-seen designs. “We are active in the art community and know which illustrators can create prints that collectors will respond to, and also the illustrators who may have not done a music related print but absolutely should,” company president Steven Kotchek asserts.


Iconic’s first print was released on Valentine’s Day 2020, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Who’s Live at Leeds. “People really responded to the print,” Linde explains. “Even if you weren’t at a particular show, it doesn’t matter. The prints represent a moment in time, and those moments deserve recognition.”

Since that initial print, Iconic has issued more than 25 original pieces. “We released prints for Elton John, Motley Crue, the Doors, Rush and the Black Crowes in 2020, to name a few. It’s definitely surreal to work one on one with their teams and in some cases the bands directly,” Kotchek says. “In 2021, we’ve already released our first prints for Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, and Janis Joplin, with more to come."

Many of Iconic's prints sell out quickly, displaying in real time the passion people have for music and the collectability of the prints.

Most recently, Iconic issued a limited-edition print to commemorate Motley Crue’s 40th anniversary. The poster, featuring the band’s classic mascot Allister Fiend, is only available through March 26.

Check out more images from Iconic’s collection in the gallery below. Posters can be purchased through the company’s official store.


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