How about a new tattoo to start off your Monday? This famously tattooed ink master sports quite a few tattoos but one of our favorites is the one pulled right from the classic movie ‘The Wizard of Oz.’

The tattoo recreates the famous scene in the movie as Dorothy and her three amigos are on their way to see the great and powerful Oz. The Wicked Witch, hovering above on her broomstick, spells out ‘Surrender Dorothy,’ trying to stop them in their tracks. The tattoo, a simple recreation of the ‘Surrender Dorothy’ text in the same script we saw come to life in the sky, is finished off with a silhouette of the witch on her broomstick.

Without giving too much away, the tat belongs to the guitarist of a band that released their latest album in 2011, their first since 2008. Any guesses yet? Click below to find out?

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