It’s Dave Navarro’s Tattoo!


This tattoo, along with many others, resides on the chest of Dave Navarro, the guitarist for Jane’s Addiction. Coincidentally enough, Navarro also recently took part in the TV show ‘Ink Master,’ looking for America’s top new tattoo artists.

Navarro spoke to Inked Magazine about his ‘Surrender Dorothy’ ink and the personal significance it has to him, saying, “The word surrender in a lot of ways has some spiritual undertones to it, just like letting things go and letting life be what it’s going to be. With Dorothy, there’s the wicked predator aspect to the phrase, which is kind of f---ed up.” He continued to explain what inspired the tat, “That movie, apart from having so much legend and history around it—like the whole The Dark Side of the Moon thing—is one of those films that most kids were terrified beyond belief by. It’s not really a kids’ film; most people my age who saw it when they were 6 or 7 were scared to death because it’s f---ing scary! It’s traumatizing.”

Navarro and Jane’s Addiction are currently out on the road in support of their latest release ‘The Great Escape Artist,’ check out all the dates here.