The guitarist/singer/songwriter/producer featured above was born on October 3, 1949. He has issued six solo albums and two live albums outside of his main (and extremely famous) band, of which he has enjoyed on-off membership for over three decades.

He is known for his fingerpicking technique; he does not use a pick, playing instead with his fingers and fingernails. That probably means he has a lot of callouses and hangnails, if you're curious.

While growing up in Northern California, he and his brothers were competitive swimmers. He ditched the backstroke in favor of the fretboard. The decision worked out for him, but it's worth noting that one of his siblings went on to win an Olympic silver medal.

One of the things that made his work in his main band so compelling was the tension and chemistry between him and one of his bandmates, who also happened to be his onetime girlfriend. That had to give it away...

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