This yearbook photo is a little fuzzy, but the future star captured in this photo definitely grew up to become one of the brightest personalities ever to front a rock band. Do you know who it is?

Born Farrokh Bulsara and originally hailing from Zanzibar, this flamboyant singer spent most of his childhood in India before moving to England at the age of 17, where after college he joined the group that would make him a star. He changed his name in time for the 1973 release of their self-titled debut album, the first of 14 issued by the band in his lifetime.

The group scored its best-selling single in 1975 with a six-minute long rock opera that peaked at No. 9 on the U.S. charts (it later had a second life thanks to the movie 'Wayne's World'). Their set at Live Aid in 1985 -- witnessed by a global television audience more than a billion -- is still considered one of the greatest rock performances of all time.

On Nov. 23, 1991, he announced that he had tested HIV positive and had AIDS. The next day, he died of bronchial pneumonia at the age of 45.

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