Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne evidently numbers among the crowd who think Steely Dan were a less-than-stellar fit for this year's Coachella lineup.

The subject came up during a recent interview with Glide Magazine, in which Osborne argues that the music of today is just as great — and awful — as it's ever been. "Some of the music [in the] '60s was good, not all of it. Not all of the '70s music was good. Not all of the '80s music was good. There’s good music in every era," he said. "I listen to music from the '50s — rock music from Elvis on up. Good music is good music."

And by the same token, bad music is bad music. Reflecting on how he's always been a picky live music connoisseur, Osborne uses Steely Dan's Coachella appearance as an example of how lame rock festivals can be. "Those big package festivals, we don’t get offered to do those things a lot. Usually it’s a decent paycheck, and for a band like us that makes a difference," he admitted. "But do I want to go to Coachella? Who would I watch? Most of that stuff is stuff I have absolutely no interest in. This year they had Steely Dan playing. What’s next year, the Doobie Brothers? Steve Miller Band? Are you kidding me?"

Pointing out that his band — and his band's fans — operate on a different musical plane than the Steely Dans and Steve Millers of the rock world, Osborne wonders how kids afford exorbitant festival prices — and allows that, while he'd never buy a ticket for himself, he'd probably say yes if he were asked to perform. "Now, if they offered me a ton of money I would certainly do it. I need the money. I would take the money," he admitted. "But as far as being behind it? I can’t endorse stuff like that. I wouldn’t go."

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