The success of Eric Church's country single 'Springsteen' has not gone unnoticed by its namesake. It was recently revealed that Church got a handwritten note from Bruce Springsteen telling how pleased he was with the song.

The letter was delivered by Springsteen's tour manager, Wayne LeBeaux on Church's bus. "[LeBeaux] came on the bus and was telling me this story," Church told Billboard. "As they were leaving the Fenway show, [Springsteen] said, 'Wayne, what are you doing this weekend?' 'I'm going to see Eric Church.' "No kidding,' and [Springsteen] took out a set list and wrote me a great note, filled up the whole back of the set list talking about how he was a fan of the song, how his family was a fan of the song. He signed it and said 'I hope we cross paths somewhere' and told [LeBeaux], 'Make sure you deliver this to Eric.'"

Church, who took the note and locked it up in an undisclosed location for safe keeping, was thrilled to hear from the Boss. "It's a pretty incredible note," he continued. "It's the first time I've officially heard from him. I had heard he was a fan of the song, but it's the first time I officially heard. It means the world to me -- and the set list is three hours and 37 minutes. That impressed me, too."

'Springsteen' reached No. 1 on the Hot Country Songs chart and also crossed over to No. 19 on the Hot 100. The song is not about Bruce Springsteen, but about the power of music to call up memories of lost loves, in this case one that took crested at a Springsteen concert. Titles of four of Springsteen's biggest are referenced in the lyrics.

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