Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones is credited with playing the percussion on Jimi Hendrix's cover of Bob Dylan's 'All Along the Watchtower.' But what's not well-known is that Jones also contributed some piano to the song, which does not appear in the final version. In a new interview, Eddie Kramer, Hendrix's longtime engineer, provides the details.

"Brian Jones stumbled into Electric Lady Studios," Kramer told Esquire. "Out of his mind, and started to play piano on 'All Along the Watchtower.' Jimi looked at me. The look was, 'Can we get him to stop?' Jimi was so polite, never wanted to hurt anybody. But he was in the middle of a session and Brian wasn't doing well."

Not wanting to cause a scene, Kramer quickly came up with a way to get Jones out of the studio. "So I said, 'Brian, come into the control room and listen to what we've done,' Kramer continued. "He staggered into the control room and fell, right in front of the console. Then he fell asleep. And we finished the track."

Kramer added that he's currently working on an tribute to Hendrix, with artists like Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, Grace Potter and Jason Mraz recording acoustic versions of his songs. The engineer said that he's doing it in the hopes that it will shine a new light on Hendrix as a songwriter rather than just a guitar player.

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