At first, Bono seemed taken aback by the outrage generated by U2's placement of their new album into the iTunes libraries of 700 million users. He even apologized.

The more Bono's thought about it, however, the more he's decided that saying he was sorry was the wrong approach. “I’m already working on the apology ... for the apology,” he told Mojo. “Because I’m very proud of what we did. It’s one of the proudest moments in U2’s history.”

This latest response follows an online Q&A in which a Facebook user described U2's unrequested giveaway as "rude," prompting what seemed like a mea culpa from Bono. The group has since released an expanded physical edition of 'Songs of Innocence.' Even so, complaints about the iTunes gambit have continued.

“I mean, come on,” Bono said in the new interview. “Of the great crimes against mankind …? This is an honest mistake, and we’re just not going to lose sleep about it.”

U2 recently hinted that an ambitious tour might be coming for 2015, but Bono has since been badly injured in a bike accident -- forcing the cancellation of previously scheduled appearances.

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