U2 refused to play by the rules when they partnered with Apple for the shocking giveaway of their 'Songs of Innocence' album, and it sounds like they might also plan to defy a few expectations with their 2015 tour.

The band members hinted at their plans in conversation with Rolling Stone, with bassist Adam Clayton suggesting that the schedule could leave room for the group to explore different facets of its sound over multiple nights in major markets.

"There is talk of doing two different kinds of shows," he explained. "One night would be a kind of loud, explosive rock ’n’ roll kind of event and then the other night’s show take the acoustic arrangements of some of the songs, and kind of present those songs in a much more intimate way. But we don’t really know how that’s going to sound and look."

And if you happen to miss this tour, don't worry about missing your chance to see U2 in a live setting; Clayton added that he sees no end in sight for the band. "When you're working up to 50, you think, 'Oh, maybe there will be some time where we can kick back and it can be slower, and we can enjoy life a bit.' And then when you kind of cross over the 50 mark, your thinking kind of goes, 'Oh, why would you want to stop? This is actually the best bit. We're really enjoying this, let's keep going,'" he said. "That's kind of odd, but I guess there's a reason why people like Paul McCartney and Elton John are still playing shows and making records."

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