Bon Jovi have reportedly scheduled a March release for their 14th album, titled This House Is Not for Sale.

Frontman Jon Bon Jovi discussed the new LP during a press conference in Kuala Lumpur, telling reporters that the group's most recent recordings found them "really going back to the beginning" — right down to where and how the songs were tracked.

"We were recording at different times and different rooms in the studio. That’s not happening anymore," said Bon Jovi. "We went back to the place where we cut 'Runaway' in 1982 – where I used to sweep the floor and fetch coffee."

That studio, the Power Station in Manhattan, was owned by Jon Bon Jovi’s cousin Tony Bongiovi, and Bon Jovi's tenure there also included his participation on the Star Wars Christmas album. Although Bon Jovi joked that "old habits" led him back to cleaning up the studio and fetching band members coffee during the This House sessions, it sounds like the record ended up taking a comparatively somber tone.

"When I wrote 'Runaway' in 1982, my viewpoint wasn’t that big, but with every record and passing decade of our career, we evolve. We keep our eyes open, let information in and write about the world around us. We really couldn’t write 'You Give Love a Bad Name' now. It was great when I was 25 but not at 53," said Bon Jovi. "This record is about our integrity. Integrity matters and we’re at a stage of our career where we don’t have anything left to prove."

This House Is Not for Sale marks the first Bon Jovi album completely lacking the creative input of guitarist Richie Sambora, who quit the band in 2013. The band's most recent effort, Burning Bridges, consisted partly of older songs — including a Sambora co-write — released in order to fulfill their contractual obligations to long-term label Mercury Records.

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