Bon Jovi have released a lyric video for "A Teardrop to the Sea," which comes from their upcoming album, Burning Bridges, out next week.

"A Teardrop to the Sea" begins with a quiet, wordless cry, building slowly toward a soaring chorus that's very much in the mode of the band's classic-era work. Jon Bon Jovi co-wrote the track with longtime collaborator Billy Falcon, who notched a Top 40 single of his own in 1991 with "Power Windows." Falcon has had a hand in number songs on earlier Bon Jovi albums, including "Last Man Standing," "Superman Tonight," "Just Older" and "When We Were Beautiful," among others.

This is the third lyric video – following "Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning," "We Don't Run" and "Blind Love" – released from Burning Bridges, Bon Jovi's first project since splitting with Richie Sambora a couple years ago.

The group's former guitarist is credited with co-writing "Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning" on the upcoming album, which Bon Jovi has said includes older unfinished songs. And Sambora hasn't ruled out a future reunion, saying "I love those guys, man, and I’m not shunning it whatsoever."

Following the release of Burning Bridges -- which Bon Jovi said is “sort of a hint as to where we’re going musically" -- on Aug. 21, the band will release an album of all new material next year.

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