Bon Jovi fans hoping for an early glimpse of the band's upcoming Burning Bridges LP haven't had to wait long: a single from the album, "We Don't Run," is already being serviced to radio.

Details are still hazy regarding whether Burning Bridges is supposed to be considered an "official" Bon Jovi release — since word of the album first leaked a few days ago, it's been called a project "for fans" that's arriving while the group remains at work on a new recording for "full-scale release in 2016." The brown-bag artwork for "We Don't Run" also suggests this might be some sort of stopgap collection, and some have wondered whether Bridges would even receive a U.S. release.

Those fears should be at least partly laid to rest by the band's label, Republic Records, which is streaming "We Don't Run" at its media partner site on a page that lists the track as "available for immediate airplay." The page again refers to Bridges as a "special fan album" and promises an upcoming announcement of new tour dates.

Burning Bridges, which is due Aug. 21, marks the first full-length recording the band has issued since the departure of co-founding guitarist Richie Sambora. Earlier this year, Jon Bon Jovi told reporters he was back in the studio working on an unspecified album — presumably the "full-scale release" referenced above — and suggested it might contain topical songwriting. "I just read the paper, it gives you an opportunity to write something," he explained. "It’s early but I’m about a dozen songs in. I feel good."

As previously reported, "We Don't Run" was co-written by Jon Bon Jovi and producer John Shanks, who's said to have contributed "meaty production and a shredding guitar solo." Burning Bridges takes its name from the song's chorus, whose lyrics read in part,"Not afraid of burning bridges/ ‘Cause I know they’re gonna light my way/ Like a phoenix from the ashes/ Welcome to the future, it’s a new day."

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