Forget the final three, the ladies have spoken -- Phillip "Phillip" Phillips will be your host this evening, your prom king, quarterback and master of the boudoir. Girls upfront love this guy, cheered for him a few too many times during the night's final performance, and hell, he's why they're sitting upfront in the first place. Oh, he also sang 'We've Got Tonight' by Bob Seger.

The judges have long-worried that Phillips is only capable of crooning off the grid in his Jakob Dylan-cum-John Mayer purr. This was not so with his "best performance of the season" according to Randy, in which Phillips stuck to what he knew; a hushed, faithful version of 'We've Got Tonight,' where he stayed in the velvety corners, hid in the pockets, winked and nuzzled his way to the finish line.

No big climax, just gliding on air -- teaching today's kids about the tear-inducing power of Seger. And it's really hard to find the velvety corners in a string-laden piano ballad, dammit.

Watch Phillip "Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip" Phillips sing Bob Seger's 'We've Got Tonight' in the video below.

Phillip Phillips Sings Bob Segar's 'We've Got Tonight' on American Idol