Black Sabbath have finally unveiled 'God is Dead?,' the first song from their long-awaited reunion.

It's our first taste of '13,' which is the first full Sabbath album to feature Ozzy Osbourne on vocals since 1978's 'Never Say Die!' (As we all know, original drummer Bill Ward opted out of the reunion, with Brad Wilk of Rage Against the Machine sitting in for these sessions.)

The rest of the album will arrive on June 11, although the group will debut another track entitled 'End of the Beginning' during an appearance on the May 15 season finale of the CBS show 'CSI.'

If you're looking for full-gallop Sabbath riffs, the first six minutes of 'God is Dead?' will make you wait a bit longer; the focus instead is on drama building. After a brief bit of "sturm und drang," guitarist Tony Iommi largely provides an atmospheric, chiming background as Osbourne sings of damned sinners and wonders who can be trusted in an era of "corruption and lust."

Things threaten to boil over each time the chorus hits, and finally at about the six-minute marks everything goes to hell -- in the best way possible -- as Iommi, Wilk and bassist Geezer Butler whip up an instrumental fury that faithfully recalls the group's heydey.

Hear 'God is Dead?' by Black Sabbath

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