Black Sabbath has had plenty of lineup changes, but no matter who's in the band, woman troubles have remained a constant source of creative inspiration.

For proof, look no further than this installment of Clash of the Titans, in which we pit a pair of Sabbath tracks against each other to see who had it worse with the fairer sex: Original singer Ozzy Osbourne, who fronted the group through their 1970 cover of Crow's 'Evil Woman,' or Ozzy's first replacement Ronnie James Dio, who handled the vocals for 1980's 'Lady Evil'?

Although Osbourne's performance was recorded first, it went unheard by U.S. fans for years, because the band's American label excised the track from Stateside pressings of 'Black Sabbath' in favor of the original number 'Wicked World.' It remained officially unreleased on these shores until 2002, when it surfaced as part of the compilation 'Symptom of the Universe: The Original Black Sabbath 1970–1978.'

'Lady Evil,' meanwhile, arrived as part of the 'Heaven and Hell' LP, Dio's debut with Sabbath after taking over for Osbourne, who'd been fired early in the troubled sessions for the record. Fans have long argued over whether Ozzy's absence should have prompted a name change for the band -- and debated whether the original lineup was better than the Dio incarnation, or vice versa -- but enough of them voted with their wallets to turn 'Hell' into the biggest hit Sabbath had had in years.

So which femme fatale gets your vote in this Clash of the Titans matchup? Check them both out below, and remember: you can cast a ballot once an hour between now and when voting ends on Sunday, Sept. 14, at 11:59PM Eastern.

Listen to Black Sabbath, 'Evil Woman'

Listen to Black Sabbath, 'Lady Evil'

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