That wasn't Bruce Springsteen hawking a new set of DVDs last night on 'Saturday Night Live' -- but Ben Stiller did a pretty good job imitating the Boss. The comedian, who was hosting the show over the weekend, basically reprised his role in the old Springsteen skits from his classic cult classic comedy program, which aired in the early ‘90s.

In the ‘SNL’ skit, Ben-as-Bruce was seen in clips from 'Bruce Springsteen -- Just the Stories' DVDs, a fictional five-disc collection made up entirely of footage featuring the nothing but the interesting and endearing stories Bruce tells between his songs. Think of it as VH1's 'Storytellers' with just stories, and no hit singles. Or deep album cuts. Or B-sides. Or rarities. Or any music at all. Nothing.

"Bruce Springsteen remembers everything that ever happened to him -- and now you will, too," promises the voice over announcer. That was the basic pitch for the fake product, which considering Springsteen's immensely dedicated fan base, probably would sell pretty well. Springsteen has been known to tell some pretty great stories onstage over the years.

Stiller's 'Legends of Springsteen' was a highlight on his 'The Ben Stiller Show,' which also included the hilarious skit, 'Counting With Bruce Springsteen.' Check them all out below.

Watch 'Bruce Springsteen -- Just the Stories' from 'SNL'


Watch 'Legends of Bruce Springsteen' from 'The Ben Stiller Show'
Watch Stiller's 'Counting With Bruce Springsteen'


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