Brian Wilson's recent move into a conservatorship might not keep him from reuniting with the Beach Boys. In fact, his former bandmates say they'd love to make music again.

"He knows that he needs the help but we're still able to get together and we're going to see each other soon," Mike Love tells BBC Radio 4's Today. "It's not so negative as it sounds, as long as he's cared for properly. He's seeing his children. ... He's being well taken care of."

Love said he and Wilson recently re-connected as filming ended for The Beach Boys, a new documentary that premieres May 24 on Disney+. Wilson has been struggling with a "major neurocognitive disorder" that's worsened after the death of his wife and caretaker, Melinda Ledbetter Wilson. But Love insists his musical abilities are still intact.

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"We got together at Paradise Cove [in Los Angeles] at the end of the documentary," Love said. "He was remembering things I'd forgotten about our high school days. His long-term memory is right there. His musical abilities, as long as he’s alive he'll have those – but he does need medical supervision and care. His wife did take care of that."

Wilson cited mental health issues when postponing his "Pet Sounds and Greatest Hits" tour in 2019. Love hasn't performed with Wilson since 2012, when the camps split amid the Beach Boys' 50th-anniversary dates.

Still, Love has long advocated for another reunion. "It's a brand-new day now and I'm hoping we can do something together – all of us – and it'll be great," he added.

Bandmate Bruce Johnston is very much looking forward to that. "I think once Brian and Mike sit round the piano – and just the magic, you can't stop it."

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