The Beach Boys reunion hit a snag when vocalist Mike Love decided to keep the band out on tour this fall, but not with the full lineup. Brian Wilson is one of the three members who toured this summer but who weren't invited to be part of the fall run, and the co-vocalist has responded to Love's comments that he didn't "fire" the other members.

Wilson tells the Los Angeles Times, "As far as I know I can't be fired -- that wouldn't be cool. The negativity surrounding all the comments bummed me out. What's confusing is that by Mike not wanting or letting Al [Jardine], David [Marks] and me tour with the band, it sort of feels like we're being fired."

Wilson, for the most part, took the high road in addressing the situation. He stated that after Love booked a couple of shows with Bruce Johnson, he and Jardine were definitely disappointed. He adds, "There was confusion in some markets when photos of me, Al and David and the 50th reunion band appeared on websites advertising his shows. At that point, my attorney merely suggested to Mike's attorney that a press release in those markets might be appropriate to stop the confusion, which was in no one's best interest. That's it, plain and simple, and a strategy was open for discussion, which never happened."

The singer says he felt blindsided by Love's press release last week, and stated that it was crafted without his knowledge or approval even though Love claimed that it was done at the request of his representatives.

Wilson concludes, "While I appreciate the nice cool things Mike said about me in his letter, and I do and always will love him as my cousin and bandmate, at the same time I’m still left wondering why he doesn’t want to continue this great trip we’re on. Al and I want to keep going because we believe we owe it to the music. That’s it in a nutshell, all these conversations need to be between the shareholders, and I welcome Mike to call me.”

For his part, Al Jardine started an online petition to keep the lineup the same after getting wind that he was being left out of the upcoming dates.

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