The final notes are set to ring out on the Beach Boys' 50th Anniversary Tour this week in London, but discontent is starting to set in amidst talk that singer Mike Love intends to tour under the Beach Boys name without guitarists Al Jardine and David Marks and co-vocalist Brian Wilson.

Love legally owns the band name, and his version of the band, which does include keyboardist Bruce Johnston, already has dates booked which has led to anger and confusion for both fans and band members.

“You’ve got to be careful not to get overexposed,” Love told the LA Times. “There are promoters who are interested [in more shows by the reunited lineup], but they’ve said, ‘Give it a rest for a year.’" So, Love intends to take his reconfigured Beach Boys lineup on the road shortly after the final bows on the reunion tour have been taken.

Al Jardine posted a petition on his Facebook wall that in part reads, "To Mike Love: In order to preserve the validity of 'The Beach Boys' as a whole, and not as a 'money saving, stripped down version' that only contains one original member, and one member that joined in 1965, we ask you to reinstate the three other members to the touring group for your final years performing. It's the right thing to do, and it's what the fans want!"

Love apparently made his intentions to carry on after the reunion tour was finished before the tour had really gotten underway, but with the success of the tour, nothing more had been said on the matter until now. Brian Wilson's manager, Jean Sievers, told the LA Times, “Brian is very bummed," with Wilson himself telling CNN, "I'm disappointed and can't understand why Mike doesn't want to tour with Al, David and me. We are out here having so much fun. After all, we are the real Beach Boys."

The highly successful reunion tour wraps up Friday, Sept. 28 at Wembley Arena in London. From there on out, it's anyone's guess as to the whereabouts of any good vibrations.

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