Bachman Turner Overdrive's hard-hitting 1974 album 'Not Fragile' has been remastered and expanded for a two-CD 40th anniversary edition due March 18 from Universal Canada.

The newly remastered record will be made available on 180 gram vinyl and on a double-disc set featuring nine previously unreleased live recordings, primarily from the '70s. 'Not Fragile' was the Canadian group's breakthrough third album, and went on to achieve triple-platinum sales. It features the hit singles 'You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet' and 'Roll On Down the Highway,' as well the thunderous title track, 'Sledgehammer' and the Duane Allman tribute 'Free Wheelin''.

“'Not Fragile' was when it all came together for us. We captured the album-oriented rock audience as well as the singles audience with that album,” reflects frontman Randy Bachman. “'Not Fragile' made BTO recognized around the world. That was a milestone album and our crowning achievement.”

As Bachman tells author (and UCR contributor) Sterling Whitaker in the book 'Unsung Heroes of Rock Guitar,' the story of how the album got its name is a good one. "Well, in the early '70s Yes had an album called 'Fragile,' and I didn't like that album title. It seemed like it was gonna break! Our music seemed like you can drop it and kick it around and it wouldn't break. So just as a pun, we called our album 'Not Fragile,' and then had a box of gears [on the cover] that looked like it was unbreakable."

Bachman Turner Overdrive 'Not Fragile' 40th Anniversary Edition Track List:

CD 1
1) ‘Not Fragile’
2) ‘Rock is my Life, and this is my Song’
3) ‘Roll on Down the Highway’
4) ‘You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet’
5) ‘Free Wheelin’’
6) ‘Sledgehammer’
7) ‘Blue Moanin’’
8) ‘Second Hand’
9) ‘Givin’ It All Away’

CD 2:
1) ‘RB Rock Prelude’ (Live at the Oakbrook Terrace Forum, August 1974)
2) ‘Not Fragile’ (Live at the Oakbrook Terrace Forum, August 1974)
3) ‘Rock is My Life’  (Live at the Oakbrook Terrace Forum, August 1974)
4) ‘Roll on Down the Highway’ (Live at the Oakbrook Terrace Forum, August 1974)
5) ‘Sledgehammer’  (Live at the Moon – Tallahasee, Florida Feb 1986)
6) ‘Stayed Awake All Night’ (Extended Studio Version – 1973)
7) ‘You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet’ (Live at the French Cultural Centre, Vancouver)
8) ‘Slow Down Boogie’  (Live at the PNE, Vancouver, BC 1976)
9) ‘Thank-You Domo’ (Live at the PNE, Vancouver, BC 1976)

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