More clips from Guns N' Roses leader Axl Rose's upcoming interview on 'That Metal Show' have emerged. In one, the singer blames the band's notoriously late concert start times on various daily mistakes, and also says their reputation for such behavior developed twenty years ago, partially as a result of problems with former guitarist Slash.

When asked by host Eddie Trunk about these delays, Axl explains, "Not complaining, or to be a wuss or whatever, just a lot of times, day of show for some reason, everything starts going wrong.  People are making mistakes... you're making mistakes, and nobody even knows why. It's things where you go, 'Well, I should know this.' It's like everybody gets hit by ADD or whatever. So you're trying to sort through that, and get yourself in the right headspace and physical whatever that you've got to work through. It's more like sports, having to play the 'big game.'"

(You know, it was kind of more fun when Guns N' Roses was just saying, "When the time is right, the stage will ignite," wasn't it?)

He then goes on, unprompted, to lay some of the blame at the feet of his former bandmates and managers: "A lot of this goes back to '91, and when we were super-late going on stage. And that really more has to do with, I should not have been on tour. I only went on tour for three reasons: my manager had booked a tour without authorization...then, I'm gonna be sued for it. He was also telling me If Slash dies of heroin, or whatever, it's my fault, and (lastly) Slash pushing me. I should not have agreed to do that tour, but I didn't know how to get out of it."

Rose also explains that the pressures from combative crowds and the need to split time between the studio and touring added to the problem, and that he's worked hard to correct things -- "I think we're doing better" -- when he realized he was costing his "supportive" road crew sleep.

However, he also takes a big chunk of the blame for himself, humorously chalking it up to his own tardy personality: "I lived right behind my school, and I couldn't make it to the class in grade school. I had a job at the grocery store down the street, and I'm running down the street with wet hair, trying to tie my tie, with a sandwich in one hand... it's a comic strip."

Watch Axl Rose Talk About Guns N' Roses Concert Start Times on 'That Metal Show'

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