Neil Peart of Rush is not only one of rock's most unique lyricists, but his verbal dexterity translates to prose, as well. Since 1996, he has written five books detailing his travels, both on tour and his personal journeys. An autographed copy of his most recent book, 2011's 'Far and Away: A Prize Every Time,' recently sold for $187.00 on eBay.

The seller purchased this copy directly from Rush's fan club, and it is numbered 432 out of 500. According to the Rush is a Band blog, the book sold for $74.99, with the initial, autographed run of 500 selling out within a day in February 2011. It was released to the general public several months later.

The 22 stories in 'Far And Away' span four years and chronicle his motorcycle excursions around the world. But readers also see a glimpse into his personal life as he and his wife prepared for the birth of his daughter. The book also features photos by Hugh Syme, who has designed every Rush album cover since 1975's 'Caress of Steel.'

At Kirkus Reviews, Dw. Dunphy wrote of 'Far and Away,' [H]is blend of travelogue, memoir and journalism are informed by his ability to string words into sentences as few writers or rock drummers can...[H]e is a student of the world, more appreciative when he can be so without hindrances, and less so when the world bends around him."


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