Classic rock band Argent is getting a second life as their biggest hit 'Hold Your Head Up' is featured in the new commercial for Scottrade. The song's chorus lays beneath the entire 30 second commercial promoting the investment company's new mobile app.

Unlike Volkswagen's use of Elton John's 'Rocket Man,' the Argent song plays only a passive role in the advertisement. The unspoken message is that one should be proud to be using the new Scottrade software.

Rod Argent and his bandmates certainly aren't complaining however. Argent the band were relative one-hit-wonders from the early 1970's. Despite releasing eight albums, the British rockers only released four singles. 'Hold Your Head Up' is the only one that cracked the Top 100, peaking at No. 5 in 1972.This commercial will have countless viewers wondering, "Who sings that song?" and more than a few will no doubt go looking for the track on iTunes, or the 'All Together Now' album on vinyl.

Prior to forming Agrent, Rod Argent co-founded and played in the '60s rock group the Zombies.

Watch the Scottrade Commercial Featuring 'Hold Your Head Up'


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