Former NFL wide receiver Andre Reed earned the hearts of Buffalo residents during his 15 stellar seasons for the Bills -- and even though Reed retired in 1999, the Hall of Fame player hasn't finished playing for the home team.

Reed is quoted in 'Jon Bon Jovi Is the Most Hated Man in Buffalo,' a lengthy piece recently published by New York Magazine that investigates the local backlash brewing against the Bon Jovi frontman in the months since rumors surfaced that he was part of an investment group planning to purchase the Buffalo Bills and move the team to Ontario.

As we previously reported, grassroots opposition to the team's potential move has been strong -- and Bon Jovi has served as an effective punching bag for groups like Bills Fan Thunder, made up of fans using most of the weapons in their (admittedly limited) arsenal, such as starting petitions and organizing local boycotts against Bon Jovi's music.

New York Magazine writer Reeves Wiedeman wasn't able to get a quote from Bon Jovi, but he did spend some time with Reed, who arranged a meeting at a casino in Niagara Falls to discuss joining one fan group's advisory board. "Man, f--- Bon Jovi," he's quoted as disgustedly saying. "You might as well just take this city, throw it in the river, and let it go down Niagara Falls."

Of course, that doesn't mean Reed necessarily has anything against Canada. "Now, I ain’t gonna lie to you," he later added. "One year I went up to Toronto, and man, I had a good-ass time up there."

Touching as it is to see a community rally around its team, all their efforts may be unnecessary: According to the most recent rumors, Bon Jovi and his fellow investors don't plan to move the team if their ownership bid is successful.

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