The Allman Brothers Band will close out their storied career with one last concert at New York's Beacon Theatre tonight, but fans who weren't lucky enough to score tickets can still experience the performance, thanks to SiriusXM's Classic Vinyl channel.

Jambase reports that the show is set to air at noon EST tomorrow, with rebroadcasts scheduled for tomorrow at 6PM ET; Oct. 30 at midnight ET; Oct. 31 at 6AM and 10PM ET; Nov. 1 at 4AM and 1PM ET; and Nov. 2 at 8AM and 7PM ET. Subscribers can find Classic Vinyl on the satellite network's Channel 26.

Unfortunately, despite earlier speculation that the Allmans might head into the studio for one more album after wrapping up their legendary live run, it now appears as though that final show really will be goodbye. Guitarist Warren Haynes cast doubt on any new recordings during an interview with ABC News Radio, admitting, "It's been not so easy getting everybody on the same page for that, and to agree that making a record is the right thing to do, especially under the present circumstances. But I would obviously enjoy making another record if we made the decision to do that. At this point, I don't really see it happening, but I'm not standing in the way of it."

Drummer Butch Trucks also signaled a willingness to record while echoing Haynes' doubtful prognosis, venting a bit of frustration regarding the group's long studio hiatus following 2003's 'Hittin' the Note' LP. "This band has been g------ed good and there's a lot of good songwriting abilities in it, and we really haven't done that much," he pointed out. "Yeah, I am a little disappointed if we can't get out another record."

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