If all goes according to plan, Alice Cooper will be wearing a Green Goblin costume by the new year. The rocker is in talks to join the cast of 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,' the pricey New York musical that has been plagued by injuries, lawsuits and poor reviews since it opened.

The New York Post reports Cooper would be paid $150,000 a week to join the $85 million production. He wouldn't be the first rocker associated with the show. Bono and the Edge from U2 wrote music and lyrics for the production, and the Edge is one of the show's investors.

Cooper has not commented on this yet. It would certainly be a new venture for a man who continues to reinvent himself. Starting out as one of rock's most theatrical, and shocking, performers, Cooper has become an avid golfer, product spokesman, actor and successful radio host in recent years.

In July, the 65-year-old Cooper expressed an interest in Broadway. "I think if we ever take Alice Cooper to Broadway, it would just be called 'Nightmare,'" he told the Oakland Press. "'Welcome to My Nightmare' would be the first half and 'Welcome 2' would be the second half. That would work.

"I think maybe a little more time needs to go by before 'Nightmare' becomes sort of an American classic," he continued. "Then we'll have that validity to go and do the [Broadway] show."

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