Alice Cooper will voice a new prequel to the children's classic Peter and the Wolf, which is due on Nov. 13.

Besides featuring one of the most note-perfect casting choices in recent memory, Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood boasts a couple of modern twists. It shifts the original tale, which took place long ago in Russia, to the U.S., and the new script outlines origin stories for Prokofiev's classic characters.

And, really, who better to voice a macabre tale set in seedy Hollywood than Cooper? "I've always kind of fantasized that there were wolves up there in the Hollywood hills," Cooper admits in a promotional clip for the project, which you can watch above. "I get to do all of the characters. It was sort of like going back to being 5, 6, 7 years old."

The prequel, created with the approval of the Prokofiev Foundation, finds little orphaned Peter living with his hippie grandfather. The pair is interrupted by a Fox News bulletin about an escaped wolf from the Los Angeles Zoo.

Cooper's all-new segment will be combined with a separate retelling of the original story to complete this special audio package, which will be available as an iPad app, CD and digital album.

The busy Cooper is currently on tour with Motley Crue, as the latter continue toward what promises to be their last-ever concert at the end of 2015. Cooper also recently reunited with members of the original Alice Cooper band.

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