The 1993 film 'Dazed and Confused' contains so many scenes enhanced by classic rock that it's practically a musical. We plan on discussing as many of those songs as possible over the next few weeks.

We're going to tackle one of the more painful moments in this beloved movie first; the initiation paddling young Mitch Kramer receives at the hands of the school football team to the backdrop of Alice Cooper's 'No More Mr. Nice Guy.'

As any of you who have sisters can guess, young Mitch probably wouldn't have gotten into quite so bad a jam if it weren't for his elder sibling Jodi asking the team to "take it easy" on him during the annual (and apparently town-ignored if not endorsed) ritual early in the film.

That naturally incites the guys to do just the opposite. When the mother of Mitch's friend foils the team's first attempt to paddle the youngsters (with a shotgun, no less!), things get more serious, particularly for blowhard tough guy O'Bannion (played by Ben Affleck).

Cut to Kramer surrounded on all sides at the end of a ballgame, and cue 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' as a montage of the not-exactly playful beating ensues. O'Bannion doesn't know when to stop, but luckily the film's hero, Randall 'Pink' Floyd, shows up to give a mercifully light final tap to Kramer's behind before taking him home (with Frampton on the car stereo) and offering him a role in the bigger adventures coming up later that night.

Dazed and Confused

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