Alice Cooper delivers a vintage slice of Stones-inspired rock and roll on 'I'll Bite Your Face Off,' the first single from his upcoming album 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare.'

'Bite' launches straight into a nice 'Brown Sugar' groove courtesy of the original Alice Cooper band's surviving members: Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith.

Meanwhile, Cooper tells the tale of a romantic encounter gone horrifically wrong. Things start out well enough -- "She was a dirty dream / Cool and clean / With seduction in her eyes" -- but soon it all goes bad, which happens frequently when Alice is around.

Our face-painted narrator soon realizes he's out of his league, and quote possibly in grave danger. He tries to run, but finds himself paralyzed and unable to keep control of the situation:

"She licked her lips / They were bloody red / She had the heart of the living dead / She pushed me down on the burning bed / Thought I was in heaven, but instead / She turned her head and she softly said / I'll bite your face off / Little man / I'll bite your face off / You know that I can."

An absolutely gorgeous piano interlude, like something from an old Elton John record, offers a brief moment of respite before the band revs up again for the final chorus and the song's glorious fadeout, which finds horns (classy, not funky) competing with some fantastic lead guitar work.

'I'll Bite Your Face Off' has already proven its mettle amongst Alice's parade of classic hits at his live shows, and together with the two other songs previewed over the weekend from 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare,' gives us more and more reasons to be very excited for Alice's new album, which arrives on Sept. 13.


Listen to Alice Cooper, 'I'll Bite Your Face Off'

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