We will never get used to writing these types of stories. Alice Cooper has recently become a grandfather.

According to Fox10 in Cooper’s hometown of Phoenix, the wife of Cooper’s son Dash gave birth to twin boys a couple of months ago. They have been named Riot and Falcon -- names which, Alice says, prime them nicely for a career in their grandfather’s business.

"Well, this is Riot. If that is not a lead singer name, I don't know what is -- and Falcon he's got to be a guitar player. They'll probably go the other way,” he said, adding that their band’s name is already there. “Well, Falcon Riot, it's pretty good. Or Riot Falcon.”

As much as Cooper's onstage persona runs contrary to the notion of a doting grandparent, the now-67-year-old is taking it in stride. After all, Cooper's not alone among his peers.

“Don't believe that I'm not gonna get ribbed,” he continued, “but then you realize almost every guy that I already know out there is already a grandfather. Mick Jagger is a great-grandfather, so he's way ahead of all of us -- as he always is.”

Cooper only has a few months with the boys, however, before he has to go back to work. This summer, he’ll be opening up for Motley Crue on the last leg of their ‘Final Tour.’

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