Alice Cooper’s storage facility, which is full of archival items that are essentially priceless, was broken into early this week, by someone apparently unafraid of making enemies with a man who owns snakes and guillotines.

It appears to have been a random attack, as three other units in the facility were also broken into and robbed. It appears as though the thieves hit the jackpot by victimizing Cooper's shed. Some items whose value cannot be measured were lifted from Cooper’s unit, namely vinyl records, a jacket and perhaps most importantly, the original sculpture used on his 1991 ‘Hey Stoopid’ album cover.

A report on the matter has been filed with cops, while Cooper and his team are proactively seeking help in locating the missing cargo. They are asking fans to keep an eye out and if anyone see or hears anything suspicious regarding the lifted items, especially online, please send an email to So if you see something, say something and fast.

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