Looking for a good deal on some vintage clothing that just happens to have been worn by Alice Cooper? Look no further than Phoenix's latest, hippest thrift store, Alice's Attic.

The Arizona Republic reports that Cooper recently opened the shop adjacent to his Rock Teen Center, with a portion of the Attic's sales earmarked to help keep the doors open at Cooper's self-described "sanctuary for troubled teens." Aside from being a fairly interesting way to support a worthy cause, the store also offers a window into one of Cooper's private passions: As he told the Republic, "I have always been a thrift store guy."

Admitting that he's a "shopaholic," Cooper added that he loves going to thrift stores and flea markets in search of anything from wardrobe additions and gag gifts to tchotchkes that remind him of his youth. "I think there are certain things that turn the corner and become cool again," he mused. "Like, if you found a Spice Girls T-shirt, that would be cool to wear. But not just that. It's things that you pick up and think about a friend of yours and think 'Oh, that would be perfect.' As a joke or something."

Promising that everything in Alice's Attic that's listed as having belonged to him was actually personally worn, Cooper went on to share some of his vision for the Rock Teen Center, which includes dreams of an on-site recording studio as well as a variety of vocational training. "Eventually what I'd like to do is since we teach music and art and everything, we should also teach retail," he pointed out. "We should teach them to run a cash register, because a lot of kids that aren't musically inclined. It's another way of training them. It's sort of like anything you can do to get them away from the street life. Because the street life, there's only two endings for that -- in jail or dead. Anytime you can give a vocation to a kid, that's what you do."

For more information about Alice's Attic, including store location and hours as well as how you can donate your own goods to the store, visit Alice Cooper's Solid Rock.

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