Alice Cooper brought the second-to-last show of his summer 2017 Spend the Night With Alice Cooper tour to Akron, Ohio's Blossom Music Center this past weekend.

As usual, it was an absolutely fantastic performance from Cooper and his stellar backing band, which features three different guitarists (Ryan Roxie, Nita Strauss and Tommy Henriksen) whose strong individual styles mesh together incredibly well.

In addition to delivering energetic, on-point performances of classic tracks such as "No More Mr. Nice Guy," "Under My Wheels" and "Billion Dollar Babies," Cooper and his minions made sure there was always at least two different exciting things happening for your eyes, as well.

Cooper's voice is just as strong and expressive as you'd hope, and the charisma, charm and expertise of his stagecraft remains a marvel no matter how many times you see him keep an audience enthralled with the use of simple props such as canes, daggers and life-size dolls.

However, as the sky filled with bubbles and Cooper led a rousing singalong through the last minutes of "School's Out," I suddenly lost track of our photographer – and then sensed a dark presence approaching from behind.

There was a sharp sting on my neck, and after that, just foggy memories and questions: Wait, is Alice singing Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall?" How big is the trunk of this car? How did it get to be morning so soon, and why am I tied to railroad tracks? And how soon until Cooper returns to our town so we can do this all over again?

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