Despite having lost their bassist, co-founder and sole constant member last month, Yes do not have plans to call it a day. In a new interview, drummer Alan White said that the band will "keep moving forward" in the wake of Chris Squire's death.

"It's certainly going to be hard without him, but he called me and asked me to keep everything going regardless of what happens," he told Billboard. "So absolutely we're moving ahead. I'm gonna do it for him."

Squire died on June 27 from acute erythoid leukemia. He announced back in May that he was taking a leave of absence as he underwent treatment for the disease. With a tour with Toto beginning in August and the third annual Cruise to the Edge already booked, Yes looked to Billy Sherwood, a multi-instrumentalist and producer who worked with the band throughout the '90s, to cover for Squire.

White said that they plan to continue with Sherwood for the time being, but admitted that "it just will be very hard to go on stage and not see that familiar figure standing there [...] We're gonna try a few different ideas out that different people have. We definitely will pay homage to Chris within the show, but I'm not quite sure in what form yet."

And even though White thinks it will be strange to be performing without Squire, he added that the fans are fine with their decision. "Everything has been pretty positive in that regard," he continued. "[The fans] are behind the band and want the band to keep moving forward here. It doesn't seem like anybody's kind of given up on the band, which is really encouraging and it'll help us move things forward. Things can't just stop, you know? We've got to maintain the Yes name and meet the high standards of musicianship Chris created."

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