More than five years before Michaele Salahi's backstage hijinx with Journey's Neal Schon allegedly led the TV personality to abandon her husband for the guitarist, she was captured in a pair of possibly salacious backstage photos with Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler. She sure knows her way around the groupie circuit, apparently.

Salahi -- who you may (or very well may not) know from the Bravo reality television show 'The Real Housewives of D.C.' -- and Schon recently went public in a Daily Beast interview, explaining how they've known each other for more than a decade and have been secretly communicating for the last two years. The couple recently reconnected backstage at a Journey concert near Linden, Va.; nine days later, Salahi had left her husband and ran off with Schon.

Flash back five years. Celebri-gossip website TMZ recently acquired a pair of pictures of Salahi standing cheek-to-cheek with Tyler and flashing their midriffs. The photos were taken backstage at an Aerosmith gig more than five years ago. How did she obtain such one-of-a-kind rock star memorabilia?

The story goes that Salahi and her ex-husband, Tareq Salahi, showed up at the concert without backstage passes, but Michaela managed to weasel her way back without one. She then proceeded to disappear for an hour behind closed doors with Tyler, only to reemerge with the photos and an all-access V.I.P. laminate pass for ALL Aerosmith concerts for the rest of eternity. We wonder how she managed that amazing feat.

TMZ reports: "We're told Michaele's explanation for the pic, at the time, was ... she and Steven were just seeing who had a flatter stomach. Steven's rep had no comment."