We're only a few weeks away from the Nov. 6 street date of 'Music From Another Dimension,' Aerosmith's first album of all-new material since 2001. The band has released the second video from the record, 'What Could Have Been Love.'

As you may have been able to guess by the title, 'What Could Have Been Love' is power ballad in the classic Aerosmith tradition. Co-writer Marti Frederiksen recently said that he began writing the song in 2005.

A scruffy dude buys an old Cadillac convertible and takes off in a cloud of dust along a deserted road. He stops by a shotgun shack and gives a bald guy with leathery skin a flyer containing Scruffy Guy's face and the word "MISSING" across the top of the page. You see, he's a shell of his former self without the love of his life, who appears in a series of flashbacks. He hangs another flyer on a woman's clothesline, then papers every space of wall with them.

The B-plot takes place in a bar, where Steven Tyler, whose history of substance abuse has been well-documented, picks his head up to find a blonde half his age gazing at him as he pines for a lost love. The bar's band, who just happen to be the other guys in Aerosmith, begin to play. By the middle of the second verse, the woman has gotten bored and Tyler has joined his mates on the stage.

As the song reaches its climax, the two plots converge as Scruffy Guy walks into Aerosmith's bar and finds his woman by the pool tables. The reunited couple kiss, but it's soon broken up by a tattooed pool player, who pulls Scruffy Guy off of her and a fight breaks out. The video ends as Tattooed Pool Player's equally tattooed buddies hold Scruffy Guy, who has a smirk on his face, even though he's about to get his beaten within an inch of his life.

Watch the Video for Aerosmith's 'What Could Have Been Love'

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