Aerosmith have hinted they'll be looking back to craft the new songs on their upcoming 'Music From Another Dimension!' album. Presumably, that meant working with Jack Douglas again, the producer who helped shaped the band's early sound. It also means choosing songs that are almost a decade in the making.

Songwriter, and longtime friend to Aerosmith, Marti Frederiksen says the new power ballad 'What Could Have Been Love' has been an evolving idea since at least 2005. He tells Rolling Stone that Steven Tyler really liked it, so they kept holding on to it.

"It just had a good message and Steven was feeling it," he says. "So we held on to it and finally, it's seen the light of day." Frederiksen also wrote a song called 'Lover Alot,' which he says came from the same period in time. "A whole different beast, man -- just rockin', loose and uptempo. That's the great thing about songwriting and being able to work with a band like this, you can do something old-school rock and then do a beautiful ballad."

The successful rock songwriter was also on hand to help Tyler and Julian Lennon's team write 'Someday,' which he says was written in 90 minutes. Frederiksen is listed as co-producer on three songs, with Douglas handling the rest. "I think the ones that Jack produced are more 'band guy' songs," he says.

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