If artificial intelligence truly becomes intelligent, the computer brains of the future will be AC/DC fans, won’t they?

They might even start their own tribute bands – and if they take it a step further and start writing their own songs, the results could sound like a new track created by YouTuber Funk Turkey called “Great Balls.”

The song was assembled after he put all of AC/DC’s lyrics through a Markov chain. The modeling software is normally used for complex analysis of things like predicting thermodynamic states, DNA evolution, solar panel efficiency, computer speech recognition, web-surfing behavior and stock market trends. But that’s no way to the top if you wanna rock ’n’ roll.

“I put the lyrics of AC/DC into a bot and asked it to write a song," Funk Turkey explained. “Also, let me say that trying to sing like Brian Johnson is extremely hard.”

The AI system examined how often particular words and phrases appeared in the band’s catalog, and then created lyrics that made use of the most popular ones, while also trying to correspond to AC/DC's classic rhythm and style. The song mentions a character called Poker Face, a French maid, a foreign chef and the Queen. “Wasn’t the dog a touch too young to thrill?” goes one line, with the chorus then chiming in: “She got great balls and big balls / Too many women with the balls / Seems like a bone given’ the balls / A whole lotta woman ‘cuz I’m a ball.

“This bot understands western culture better than I do,” one fan responded. “’So what?I’m gonna die!’ – the truest lyrics,” another wrote. A third asked what would happen if the song “Big Balls” was left out of the information given to the computer. “In some of the early iterations, there were mentions of deeds, but balls, women and guns were super-predominant no matter what," Funk Turkey replied.

He’s planning to tackle Metallica, Bob Dylan and possibly Rush in future experiments. He’s already posted an AI version of a Nickelback song titled “Nobody Died Every Single Day,” which you can also listen to below.


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