Could this be the start of something big? Probably not. Still, two former regulars with AC/DC are talking again, as drummer Phil Rudd confirms contact with singer Brian Johnson.

They apparently discussed a shared passion for racing, however, rather than their former band – or the prospect of working together again on their own.

"I've heard from Brian," Rudd confirms, in a talk with EonMusic. "I spoke to Brian a couple of days ago. We were talking about cars and how f---in' useless he is; how much quicker I am than him! He's doing all right."

They played together on seven AC/DC albums together in a period spanning 1980's Back in Black and 2014's Rock or Bust, with a lengthy break for Rudd between 1983's Flick of the Switch and 1995's Ballbreaker. Johnson made it part way through the troubled supporting tour for Rock or Bust, while the drummer's personal problems saw him replaced by a returning Chris Slade before the shows began.

Rudd was subsequently sentenced to eight months of home detention after pleading guilty to charges of threatening to kill and drug possession. He is now preparing to take Head Job, his first-ever solo album, out on tour.

Meanwhile, AC/DC was forced to postpone 10 shows when doctors informed Johnson that his hearing was at risk. AC/DC ultimately completed the tour with Axl Rose filling in, while their former singer sought cutting-edge treatment.

Johnson has said he does not plan to retire. It remains unclear if AC/DC have played their final dates.

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