The past few years have been an uphill climb for AC/DC, but according to drummer Chris Slade, the band has no plans to hang it up after wrapping its Rock or Bust Tour.

Slade interacts regularly with fans on Facebook, and has taken the opportunity on a number of recent occasions to defend their decision to sub in Axl Rose for an ailing Brian Johnson over the remainder of the tour. Calling it a "once in a lifetime opportunity to see the band in this form," he has reminded fans that moving on without Johnson wasn't a decision anyone took lightly — and they're free to stick with the classic records rather than coming out for a show.

"Of course, everyone would like it to be Brian up there, but unfortunately, due to his health problems, this is not possible," wrote Slade. "Axl is doing a wonderful job, and the majority opinion now is that the band were right to finish the Rock or Bust tour with him. Fans have the opportunity to go to the shows or not, it is entirely their choice or indeed their loss."

Rose's busted foot means that those who've seen him with AC/DC haven't quite gotten the full experience, but Slade says it "shouldn't be too long now" until he's up and out of the throne he's been borrowing from Dave Grohl. And while it's always anyone's guess as to what the famously tight-lipped band will do after they've played their final Rock or Bust date, it sounds like they're still looking toward the future. In response to a fan who mused that Angus Young might call it quits after the tour, Slade wrote, "Angus is definitely NOT thinking of retiring."

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