For the initial dates on Guns N' Roses' "Not in This Lifetime..." tour, Axl Rose borrowed Dave Grohl's now-famous throne due to having suffered a broken foot in the run-up to the first show. As Rose prepares to front AC/DC for 12 dates across Europe, he's still required to sit for the show, but he's made a few modifications.

Sarcastically saying it is "a little more low key," he told NME that “it is the same actual chair itself with a different base so I worked more with their stage set-up, [because] I just thought it was too high and grandiose and crazy whereas this kind of blends in.”

Rose also gave an update on his foot. “It’s getting better little by little -- it’s about halfway there," he continued. I’m only now starting to put weight on the front and I haven’t been walking up until the last few days. ... It is on the mend. -– I went and had x-rays two days ago and was on the phone with my doctor and we’re doing good.”

He got the gig thanks to a roadie who has worked with both AC/DC and Guns N' Roses. "When I read the news about Brian," Rose continued, "I just called Obie to find out what they were going to do -– not in the sense of like, ‘Yeah, I want in!’, it was more like, if I could help. I didn’t even know for sure what songs I could sing, I didn’t know what their dates were -– I hadn’t looked at that. [But] I found out Opie had already thrown my name in the hat!”

Grohl had the throne built after breaking his leg when he fell off a stage in Sweden last summer, and it allowed Foo Fighters to go on with their U.S. stadium tour a few weeks later. He admitted that its over-the-top design was the result of him being "high as a kite" on pain medication when he came up with the idea.

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