AC/DC's first manager, Michael Browning, has published his own account of his efforts to bring the band to stardom during its early years.

Titled 'Dog Eat Dog: A Story of Survival, Struggle and Triumph by the Man Who Put AC/DC on the World Stage,' Browning's book traces his involvement with the future superstars from their first meeting in 1974 -- when they were just one more struggling band and he was managing Melbourne's Hard Rock Cafe -- to their parting of the ways five years later. In between, Browning's publisher promises "the only insider account of those amazing years by the man who helped guide AC/DC to the top."

"Michael Browning first spotted AC/DC in September 1974. They were raw and rough, and much of the crowd, Michael included, was bewildered by the flashy guitarist dressed as a school kid," continues the book's description. "But Michael knew they had something -- a blistering sound, killer songs and a wildly charismatic stage presence. Within a week he'd signed them to a management contract and duly embarked on a shared journey that within five years would take them to international prominence."

'Dog Eat Dog,' which is available to order now, arrives on the heels of author Jesse Fink's 'The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC'; both books are part of a bumper crop of band-related product in 2014, led by the group's upcoming 'Rock or Bust' album and subsequent world tour.

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