It's been about nine months since Neil Young released an album, which is an eternity for the prolific legend. Thankfully, that drought will soon be over.

Vintage Vinyl News reports that Young is ready to continue his series of archival releases with 'Live at the Cellar Door 1970,' which -- as per its title -- collects live performances from Young's six-show stand at the Washington, D.C. venue in 1970.

As Young explained to Guitar World in 2009, the recordings remained under wraps for decades because he felt they lacked "enough great takes to release it as its own disc"; in fact, he went on to say he planned on giving them away to owners of his 'Archives' box.

"I’ll probably make the songs available as downloadable updates to 'Archives,'" he mused. "We’ll drop them onto the timeline, one at a time. So one day you may receive an update that will allow you to download the first song from that show, and then maybe a week later, you’ll get an update with the second song. And then the third song will come the next week. Before you know it, you have 40 minutes of music in high-def sound that you didn’t have to pay for, and that no one’s ever heard before."

Young, true to form, has since changed his mind. 'Live at the Cellar Door 1970,' which will not be free, is tentatively scheduled for a Sept. 6 release.

Neil Young, 'Live at the Cellar Door 1970'

'On the Way Home'
'Tell Me Why'
'Only Love Can Break Your Heart'
'Old Man'
'Down by the River'
'After the Gold Rush'
'Expecting to Fly'
'Flying on the Ground Is Wrong'
'Bad Fog of Loneliness'
'See the Sky About to Rain'